Ryandika, The First Winner of The Popular Article Writing Competition
Friday, August 15 2014 was an awesome day for me. I received an achievement from the Governor of Central Java. It was an unforgettable moment for me. That achievement was about the Popular Article Writing Competition (Lomba Menulis Artikel Populer) that held by Perpustakaan dan Badan Arsip Provinsi Jawa Tengah. I joined that competition and gratefully I got the first place.

It was a long period competition. The competition started on February 2014 and ended on June 2014. It divided into two rounds. The first one, we are given 4 months to write and submit to the committee. After that, the judges will pick 12 best articles and invite it’s writers for join the final round at Semarang. 

The final round divided into three parts. The first part was a writing test to test the originality and writing skill. We were given 3 topics and we should pick one of those topic and make an article on 30 minutes. I choose “Bahasa Alay” topic at that time.
The second part was a presentation round. We should present our article. My article talks about the analogy of library and train station. I stated on that article that books in the library same as the train in the train station, it can take us to everywhere we want. Library same as the train station, it contains something that can bring us to everywhere we want. Based on that analogy, the title of my article is “Perpustakaan: Stasiun Menuju Seluruh Dunia” (Library: Train Station to Go Around the World).

In presentation round, I presented my presentation in a different way with the others. I used the sound effect and explain my article using my photograph. It made people interested and pay more attention to my presentation.

The third round was the interview test by judges. They asked many things to test the personality and mastering matters in our articles. After that long journey, the committee announced the winner. Thank’s to God, judges trust me to be the first winner of that competition.

I hope this story can motivate all of you to put effort on something that you like so it will bring benefits for you. Do what you love, love what you do, and pray for it. The result will never backstab your effort. (ryan)


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