SMAN 1 Salatiga Academic OVERVIEW

At SMAN 1 Salatiga, every student is encouraged to engage in a vital and contemporary academic life which has its origin in the valuing of knowledge and understanding. A broad academic program structured to engage all learners and delivered by excellent teachers it offers both challenge and success to each student.

Extension, support and Enrichment

Over many years, the school has developed quality programs that enable students to participate at the highest level in a variety of disciplines. Students are encouraged and supported to extend and apply their knowledge and understanding by entering competitions, participating in extension programs conducted by experts, working in teams to represent the school and participating in a general curriculum that acknowledges the particular needs of every student.

As a comprehensive school welcoming students of all abilities, SMAN 1 Salatiga has a large network of support strategies catering for a diverse group of students with special needs and exceptional circumstances. Many of these students access individual education programs that allow them to participate in the school’s curriculum in a manner that promotes their success. Some students may be granted permission to extend senior schooling over three years.

SMAN 1 Salatiga offers extra curricular activities that enrich the school experience. Activities in drama, languages, media and film clubs, music, national and international trips, public speaking, debating, sporting teams, community service and many other exciting and challenging opportunities encourage individual growth and foster outstanding achievement.

Our programs have a history of fostering outstanding achievement and personal success. We  boast state and national winners as well as graduates who enthusiastically recommend SMAN 1 Salatiga as an institution focused on growing the best in each student.



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