On July 1st SMA B Foundation was established by some prominent figures, especially those who were in DPRD Salatiga and some scientists like Mr. Djoko Soetontro.
The establishment of the foundation was meant to help residents in Salatiga have their further education and get their national examinations in Salatiga because they used to enroll and have their national examinations in Semarang.
           After gaining the permission letter from Jakarta, SMA B was established as a private senior high school on August 1, 1954 at 39 Diponegoro Street.
           Two years later on August 1, 1956 SMA B was officially announced as SMA Negeri 1 Salatiga (the only a state senior hogh school). Because the area was so limited, it only opened Natural Science classes only.
            After the school had already been stable, had adequate human resources, and was supported by better administration, it opened SMA A (for language stream class) and SMA C (for social science classes) in 1958/1959.
           Due to its narrow area, SMAN1 Salatiga borrowed SGTK at 2 Kartini Street, then in 1063/1964 it had to used SMP2 and in the following year it also used SMP1 in which lessons were held in the afternoon.
          On May 27th 1966 SMAN 1 Salatiga was permitted by PEPEKUPER Salatiga to occupy CHKI building in Kesatrian Street (now A.Yani Street) beside the building in 39 Diponegoro Street, and other buildings were returned back.
          In 1967 several classes of SMAN 1 occupied the area at 1 Kemiri Street, in which M. Soedijono, the Major as well as the Leader of SMAN1 foundation, managed to make the land belong to SMAN 1 Salatiga. Then, classes in Kesatrian St. and Diponegoro St, were gradually moved to 1 Kemiri Street.
           In spite of the fact that a part of the land has not been able to be occupied ( about 7749 square meter land is still being disputed), all classes can be held in that area so that the teaching learning process can run well.

The Principals of SMAN1 Salatiga:

1. Drs. Radjiman                                                     1956 – 1959
2. Drs. Soetrisno                                                     1959 – 1964
3. M Soedjono Adiwinito, B.Sc.                              1964 – 1976
4. Drs. R. P. Soetarno Hadidjojo                             April 1976 – August 1981
5. Sutami                                                                 Oktober 1981 – December 1986
6. Drs. Soekarno                                                     January 1986 – April 1989
7. Soejono Rusdimin, B.A.                                       May 1989 – Ictober 1989
8. Soeseno Hartosoerono,B.Sc                               November 1989 – July 1992
9. R.Moch. Sumarsa, B.A                                        April 1992 – July 1997
10. Drs. Bambang Soekamto                                  November 1996 – July 1997
11. Soetikno B.A.                                                     August 1997 – June 1999
12. Dr. Samtono, M.Si                                             July 1999 – September 2009
13. Drs. Saptono Nugrohadi M.Pd,M.Si                 October 2009 – October 2012
14. Drs. Sujit Mudjirno SIP, M.Pd                           November 2012 – Now


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