Laboratories Of English, Mandarin, Japanesse, German And Indonesian Languages

3 language laboratories with 40 computer sets, headsets and booths, speakers, LCD, screen, AC

Laboratory Of Astronomy

A big telescope awarded by the Government because of winning the Astronomy Olympiad in Vladivostok, Russia in 2006, a cupboard, Finder, Eyepieces LV 9mm and 20mm, Flip mirror, star book, 3 CDs, lens,  a set of objective lens, an adaptor, a batteray box, a wooden ruler, protractor, compasses, a globe, 12 wooden and plastic chairs and a whiteboard

Laboratories Of Biology

Stethoscopes,microscopes, torso, skeletons models of body`s parts, Darwin photometers, loops, surgery tools, Atmoimeter, gas analyzed pipes, plankton nets, insect net, incubators, Pooter, Vasculum, aquarium, terarium, insectarium, insect case, worm cases, genetical case, surrounding comparator, mice cage, higrometer, Frankle needles, scales, glasses, tubes, sympathetic nerve, islated neve cell, spinal cord smear, membran bones, membraneous osteogenesis, non striated muscle, ovary ts, testis ts, compact bone, Hyaline cartilage, involumatary musle, Human blood, etc.

Laboratories Of Chemistry

Erlenmeyer, breaker glasses, pipettes, thermometers, Oho us scales, distillation tools

Laboratories Of Computer

2 laboratories, 80 computer sets, LCD, INTERNET, whiteboards, AC, desks

Multi Media Rooms

LCD,speaker, computer, screen, AC, white board, table. chairs


31 rooms with LCD, computer, screen, whiteboards, desks,

School Hall

chairs, fans

Room Of Guidance And Counselling

Chairs and table

School Health Center

Beds, scales, thermometer, stethoscope,medicine-box, medicine

Music Studio

Soundproof room, guitars, drum. keyboard, loudspeakers, flutes, fans, microphones.


Book collection: 2033 titles, 7345 copies, Computerized system, computer, internet, photocopier, bookshelves, tables, chairs, fans, lockers, bathroom/toilet

Basketball Court

Goals, balls

School Yard

Flag pole, Loudspeakers

Volleyball Field

Net, balls, poles


Balls, goals




Shoe shelves, mats,speaker, loudspeaker, tape, cassettes, religious books


3areas of canteens


1 Phanter and 1 mini van


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