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Honesty Cafe is held to educate students to behave in an honest character.

Honesty Cafe is held to educate students to behave in an honest character. Honesty is necessary in the canteen/ cafe that sells snacks and drinks. Honesty canteen did not have a seller and it is not guarded. Food or beverages are displayed. School only provides a cash box, which is used to accommodate the payment from students who buy food or drinks. When there is a change, a student takes and calculates the return of his own money in the box. In this canteen, students’ awareness is required to pay and take the change if it is excessive, without being supervised by a teacher or an employee. One motto that is embedded in the canteen is God Given Recording Angel. Honesty Cafe is one form of activities relating to  Anti-corruption education. It is inevitable that one of the nation’s problems, which until now has not been completely resolved is the practice of corruption. The virus of corruption that has plagued and flourished in the new order has resulted in the prolonged misery of the people, it  even stops progress of the nation and state. It’s very difficult to break the chain strap virus. Nevertheless, the sons and daughters of the nation that still hold high ideals and miss the justice in this country will continue to attempt to suppress the virus of corruption.
Without honesty, the practices of corruption, collusion, nepotism, and all other forms of manipulation will remain fertile in the country. For that purpose, the honesty canteen  should be applied as an attempt to prevent  the younger generation. Prevention is better than cure, prevention was better than treatment. However, the execution will be successful with honesty canteen with support from all citizens of the school. The program is not only the desire of the employer, but in fact government policy should be given high appreciation with succeeding collectively.Although  these programs add to the burden for schools, especially  teachers. Precisely through this program it  educates teacher sand  facilitates students’ morals. Therefore, the task of teachers is not only carrying out the process of teaching and learning in the classroom, but more than that teachers take responsibility in developing student’s personality. This is in accordance with the mandate of Act No. 14 of 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers, which in Article 6 states that “the position of teachers and lecturers as professionals aiming to implement the national education system and achieve national education goals …”.



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